BIOX ULTRA Thermal Beauty Experience Mask


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Beauty can now be found in an unforgettable, exhilarating experience. This energizing mask is formulated to clarify, brighten, smooth, and renew the complexion. The unique red mineral bar opens pores while thermal action starts up blood circulation. Sallow, sagging skin will quickly transform so you can bring out the radiant and ravishing you.


Now imagine having this effect on your facial skin. This mask is great to use before a
big event since it gives the immediate lifting effect, furthermore it will give you a long term effect which will help to strengthen and tighten your skin. Tighten your frown lines, smile lines, and lessen the appearance of the fine lines you see on your face, picture how much younger you will look!


Premier 0rganic Lift
The wonder ingredient that could make you look years younger for an immediate and optimal lifting effect. Derived tom organic oats which are known as “sugars for the skin” to achieve an optimal and immediate lifting effect. A firmer, more toned and smoother skin is achieved thanks to this extraordinary elastic, flexible molecule. This high-molecular –weight network complex forms an invisible “net” on the skin resulting in an immediate lift. This unique AGE fighter helps delay the aging process.
In Vivo studiesb A Sensorial Approach 82% of the volunteers on a trained panel felt a significant and immediate effect sensation.

Kojic acid is a natural substance that can be found in mushrooms it has antibacterial and skin lightening properties. It works by preventing the production of melanin, a skin pigment that can sometimes be responsible for the appearance of unsightly age spots. Melanin is a natural substance that gives color to our skin and is one of the main reasons behind skin discoloration. Kojic acid stops melanin production in the upper layers of the skin, resulting in a lighter looking skin.

Liposome complex
A liposome delivery system is key to product penetration. Our skin does not allow anything to penetrate it – for example when a thorn penetrates our skin, our body immediately attacks it and tries to remove it. So we have to “trick” our skin in order to penetrate it – one of the ONLY ways is with the use of liposomes, liposomes go beyond cosmetics and are also used in the medical industry to provide penetration and time release delivery. A liposome delivery system is key to product penetration. Liposomes are microscopic spheres very similar to our skin cells in shape, making the absorption almost perfect.


Slightly mix the mask with the help of the spatula. Onto clean, WET skin apply a generous layer to experience the immediate warming sensation. Leave on for 2-3 minutes. Rinse with warm water. Use once or twice a week onto cleansed skin. As with all masks, avoid getting product into eyes. If you do, rinse thoroughly with water.


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