An hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested, special, professional eye cream to treat the very delicate skin around the eyes. Helps to combat wrinkles and firm the skin. An ultramodern texture adapted to all skin types and suitable even for sensitive skin that will leave your skin looking younger than ever. A single routine with a dual function helps the skin to look revived and balanced. One of the worlds most advanced skin care. It is a perfect base for make-up.


This cream is particularly effective in nourishing and hydrating the eye area as well as enhancing the effects of the Eye Serum for a complete anti-aging eye care treatment.


Liposome complex
A liposome delivery system is key to product penetration. Our skin does not allow anything to penetrate it – for example when a thorn penetrates our skin, our body immediately attacks it and tries to remove it. So we have to “trick” our skin in order to penetrate it – one of the ONLY ways is with the use of liposomes, liposomes go beyond cosmetics and are also used in the medical industry to provide penetration and time release delivery. A liposome delivery system is key to product penetration. Liposomes are microscopic spheres very similar to our skin cells in shape, making the absorption almost perfect.

Beta carotene
Also known as “proVitamin A”. It is a strong antioxidant that protects skin from free radicals, and protects skin from sun damage. Beta carotene has the ability to help even the skin tone, making it and active “anti-aging” ingredient with the ability to increase cell turn – over and regenerate the outher layers of the skin, making it effective for diseases and skin conditions. It enhances the appearance of the skin by restoring suppleness and adding a “skin-glow” that seemingly evens out the skin tone. Helps heal scratches, prevents scarring, and reduces skin irritation and itchiness.


Onto clean skin, gently massage the cream in circular soft movements around the eyes. You may apply make-up if desired


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