PRESTIGE Eye Serum – Eye Contour Age -Defying Fluid


A hypoallergenic, secret composition of soothing ingredients. This unique serum contains active ingredients combined with Dead sea minerals to give the eye area a smooth, luxurious homogeneous look and feel. Revolutionary, this innovative formula adapts to the needs of every eye area- especially sensitive skin types.


This soft, rich, everlasting serum is designed to decrease the signs of aging, allow for better circulation and blood flow to prevent toxin build up; its light texture enables it to absorb deeply and comfortably for effective anti-aging relief.


Evening primrose oil
Evening primrose oil is considered the best remedy to cure eczema and many other skin-related problems. GLA and fatty acid content in this oil is essential for skin health. The oil extracted from evening promrose seeds is very gentle and is used as moisturizer to keep dry areas hydrated. It also boosts blood circulation which is helpful to treat tired skin and eyes.

Is “the skins own protective coating”. It’s made from olives. Environmental factors, dead skin cells that remain on the surface of the skin result in a lack of sufficient oil on the skin surface, leaving the skin dry, unprotected and prone to wrinkles. When the skin surface lacks a sufficient amount of its own protective coating, sebaceous glands go into over drive in an attempt to return the skin to its natural, healthy state. Chemcial laden cleansers and pore clogging concealers and makeup disrupt the skin’s ability to breathe. Squalane provides essential, plant derived nutrients that encourage cell turnover and increase collagen production and moisture retention. The result is supple, moist, plump skin that radiates health and vitality. Squalane is readily absorbed into the skin because it resembles the natural oils produced by the body. For this reason, it is known for its ability to treat stubborn patches of eczema.


Before application cleanse the contour of the eye. Apply daily in the morning and evening around the eyes using soft, circular movements. Eye cream may be applied on top.


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