PRESTIGE WHITE Pearl Whitening Cream Complex – All Skin Types



An exceptional multi-protective, gentle pearl powder mixed in a secret process formula with effective secret whitening herbs and liposome complex of vitamins and natural plant extracts. When over exposed to sunlight, the skin defends itself by producing more melanin, a dark pigment. Cell renewal is disrupted and dark pigment builds up in small freckles and uneven sunspots trapped on the skin’s surface. Our secret formula helps to achieve a unified clearer, lighter skin appearance, gradually with use, freckles and sunspots appear lightened with a more unified appearance.


A unique, award winning, proven mixture of the best whitening ingredients
sourced from around the world to brighten your complexion. Featuring both immediate and long term results.


Pearl powder
An ancient Chinese beauty secret that has been used for over 3,000 years for bright, lustrous, pure, beautiful skin. A treasure that was used for centuries for brightening and whitening the skin. This finely milled powder consists of 18 amino acids, and over a dozen minerals, it is easily absorbed by the skin and constitute essential building blocks of collagen and protein – lacking any one of the key amino acids causes the skin to look discolored, dried, old and wrinkled. Various components of pearl can stimulate, promote and accelerate the regeneration of new cells – for a brightened, rejuvenated and a flawless, silky complexion.
Healing, skin brightening, anti-wrinkling, and sun protection – Pearl powder is the “Magic Cure” for removing unwanted skin conditions like sallow skin, red blotches, discoloration, zits and pimples, dry patches, rosacea, fine lines and wrinkles, for reducing enlarged pores, and for getting rid of them for good. Pearl powder has a multitude of medicinal, whitening and anti-aging applications which will keep you young looking.

Whitening Peptide
an active, continuous time release {released through-out the entire day), encapsulated {so it is maintained constantly fresh and active), liposome {so it can penetrate the skin) peptide, taken from the medical field {known as Oligopeptide -68) to decrease skin pigmentation with a unique inhibitory action on the skin allowing for optimal whitening and lightening effect.
Skin pigmentation is the result of melanin synthesis. The synthesis of melanin is the last step before melanin pigments are transferred into a visible stage and skin pigmentation appears. This encapsulated peptide inhibits the melanin synthesis and leads to a quick skin whitening effect. In a Test protocol conducted on 23 Asian volunteers – 100% of the volunteers demonstrated a significant increase in skin lightness and a significant skin lightening effect after only 28 days. Peptides are one of the most promising discoveries in the last few years – an anti-aging powerhouse – Peptides are chains of amino acids that are the building blocks of proteins in the skin- delivered through a liposome, they are capable to penetrate the skin and send signals to our cells to let them know how to function.

Mulberry Root Extract
this antioxidant and Arbutin rich extract that can prevent melanin production, therefore naturally lightens skin and creates a more youthful appearance. An effective tyrosinase inhibitor to assist in evening skin discoloration.


Onto cleansed skin, massage is soft circular motions into the spot. Use twice daily to improve skin tone and clarify. Note that the cream contains small granulas which will dissolve upon application and massaging/ The purpose of these granulas is to help exfoliate dead skin cells, remove core clogging dirt and allow the cream to reach maximum penetration and efficacy.


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